Rebooting Your PC? Do it Remotely with Droid Remote Lite

Rebooting Your PC? Do it Remotely with Droid Remote Lite

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In general, apps are meant to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Perhaps they make us more productive or even more physically active during our awake time. Making the world a better place by means of apps certainly sound like a fantastic objective. There are also some apps that can perform certain tasks that someone might not be able to do perform at the time. Simple things like rebooting your PC can be a chore in its own right, if you are busy enough. What if you could save yourself a walk to the PC room and reboot from afar? No, this is not meant to make you lazy, but rather to allow you to do more with your time in case you are in the middle of doing something more important than restarting your computer.

XDA Forum Member lastspartan09 made an app towards the end of 2012 called Droid Remote. Its main objective was simple: to allow you to use your mobile device to put your computer in different power states (shut down, reboot, hibernate, etc). You’re likely already thinking, “I can easily do that as well with Splashtop, LogMeIn, etc, etc.” The beauty of this one app is that the only requirement (aside from having the executable installed on the PC) is to be on the same WiFi network. Phones tend to get laggy, and it is often cumbersome to use a remote desktop client on a smaller screen.

The app simply provides you with 4 easy-to-access buttons to perform these actions without being near your PC. Another feature that makes this app unique is its timer feature, which allows the user to set a time for the device to send the signal automatically to the PC. Know that you will be out of the house by a certain time and want to ensure that your PC is turned off before you leave? Set it for the desired time and forget about it!

The app is still under development, but the dev is asking for feedback and bug reports. The new version has tackled the hibernation bugs that were present before, but there are a few bugs remaining. Please stop by the original thread and take the app for a whirl.