Google is finally bringing year-round ringtone options for Nest Doorbells

Google is finally bringing year-round ringtone options for Nest Doorbells

Each year, Google offers seasonal ringtones for its Nest Doorbells. These options are available for a short duration, after which the video doorbells revert to the classic ding-dong sound. However, this time around, Google is adding new year-round ringtone options with the upcoming Halloween update.

According to The Verge, Google will enable the Halloween-themed ringtones starting next month. Along with the seasonal ringtones, the company will also roll out six “evergreen” ringtones. While Google hasn’t revealed any details about these ringtones, The Verge notes that they will be available year-round, and users will be able to set them up using the Google Home or Nest apps. However, unlike the Halloween-themed ringtones, the upcoming evergreen ringtones will not be available on the older Nest Doorbell (wired).


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The Halloween-themed ringtones, which will be available until October 31, include an evil laugh, a skeleton dance, a spooky raven, a ghostly boo, a howling werewolf, a cackling witch, and more. These ringtones will play both from the doorbell itself and on any Google Nest speakers or displays you have around your house. You’ll also get the option to play an hour-long playlist of Halloween-themed sounds and music using your Nest speakers and a Halloween-themed game on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Once Halloween is done, your doorbell will default back to the default option. However, you’ll be able to select a different seasonal option until the end of December. Google hasn’t revealed which ringtones will be available after October 31, but we expect to see holiday-themed options related to Christmas, Hannukkah, New Year’s, and Kwanzaa. If you have one of the newer models, you’ll also be able to select the new evergreen ringtones after October 31. Your Nest Doorbell won’t revert to the default option after the holiday season if you do so.

We expect Google to share more information about the upcoming evergreen ringtones in the coming days. We’ll update this post with more details as soon as we learn more.

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