Nest Hello doorbell may get package delivery and pickup detection

Nest Hello doorbell may get package delivery and pickup detection

The Nest Hello doorbell is a security system and a doorbell all in one package. It has a 24/7 live video feed, night vision, notifications to your phone, and more. With a Nest Aware subscription, it’s even better. A feature which 9to5Google has spotted shows that soon, the Hello may get both package delivery and pickup detection – so long as you have a Nest Aware subscription, anyway. The feature was spotted in a teardown of the APK of Nest version 5.37 by looking at new strings, though it’s not actually live and user-facing yet. Nest devices are becoming a huge part of the Google ecosystem, to the point that the company has created the local home SDK for full device-home integration.

<string name=”camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_header”>Now your Nest Hello will help you spot packages.</string>

<string name=”camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_body”>With package alerts, you’ll receive a notification after someone has left a package in the camera’s view, and another one when someone picks it up.</string>

A fairly simplistic feature to understand, it can help those who may be wary of their packages getting stolen. They can see the package get dropped off and automatically get a notification if it’s stolen. What’s more, with a Nest Aware subscription you get, at minimum, five days of recorded footage stored, so that you can actually see who steals your package if it happens. You need your Nest Hello positioned correctly so that it can see packages though, which may be difficult depending on where you’ve placed it.

<string name=”camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_note_one”>Your doorbell must be able to see the package on the ground before it can notify you.</string>

<string name=”camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_note_two”>This feature requires a Nest Aware subscription.</string>

<string name=”camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_turn_off”>Turn off</string>

Once it detects the package has been placed, it will tag the recorded footage according to when it thinks the package was delivered and when it was picked up. It is unknown when the feature will officially launch, and we don’t know if this feature will come to other Nest devices either. Google does offer regular outdoor Nest cameras, which may be easier to position in order to spot a package left at the door.

Source: 9to5Google

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