Get a Nest Hub for $60 ($40 off), or a Nest Audio speaker for $75 ($25 off)

Get a Nest Hub for $60 ($40 off), or a Nest Audio speaker for $75 ($25 off)

Google sells a few different smart speakers at the moment. There’s the compact audio-only Nest Mini, the Nest Audio with improved sound quality, the Nest Hub with a touchscreen, and the larger Nest Hub Max with an integrated camera. Even though there’s some legal drama surrounding Nest devices right now, they’re still excellent smart speakers and smart displays, and now they’re all on sale.

The Nest Audio is Google’s best smart speaker in audio quality, and the Nest Hub is Google’s main smart display. Both devices are powered by Google Assistant, so they can stream music, play podcasts, give you the weather, make calls on Duo, and much more. The Nest Hub’s addition of a screen means you can stream content from YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and select other services using just your voice. You can also Cast audio content from your phone to either device, and most videos can be Casted to the Nest Hub. There’s no camera on the Nest Hub, just like with the old model, which is probably what most people would prefer on something that could be in a bedroom.

    The latest Google Nest Hub is on sale for $40 off MSRP.
    The Nest Audio smart speaker is $74.99 right now, $25 below MSRP.

We reviewed the Nest Audio when it was released last year, and we were impressed by its sound quality and smart features. The ability to pair two Nest Audio units together for improved stereo sound is definitely great, but that requires purchasing two Nest Audio speakers. The main downside is the lack of wired audio input, which was present on the older Google Home Max.

These aren’t new low prices for either of these products — the Nest Hub has been $50 at least once already, and the Nest Audio has dropped to $80 a few times. However, this is the first significant discount since last year’s Black Friday season for both the Nest Audio and Nest Hub, so it’s as good a time as any to pick one up.

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