Net Speed Indicator is a free app to show your download/upload speeds in the status bar

Net Speed Indicator is a free app to show your download/upload speeds in the status bar

Stock Android is generally acclaimed by users because of its clean user interface, minimalism, speed and smoothness, and simplicity. Custom user interfaces add many features on top of stock Android, but in the process of doing so, they add clutter and reduce simplicity. Equally, though, it’s undeniable that stock Android is generally thought of as a bare-bones variant of the operating system. It lacks many of the features that users of custom user interfaces have come to take for granted, such as dual installation of a single app, one-handed mode, scheduled power on/off, and more. One such feature is network speed indicator. It’s a common feature on custom user interfaces such as OxygenOS, MIUI, EMUI, One UI, ColorOS, FunTouch OS, and others. It’s been adopted by custom ROMs such as LineageOS since a long time. However, it’s still missing in stock Android 10, which means stock users are missing out. While there are many network status indicator apps on the Play Store, some are more feature-rich than others. Enter Net Speed Indicator, a new free app that brings capable functionality.


Net Speed Indicator, developed by XDA Recognized Developer Paget96, is said to be “a small network tool”. It allows users to check their download/upload speeds from the status bar, the notifications menu, or in the app itself. This is something that every network speed indicator app can do. However, Net Speed Indicator brings with it more advanced capabilities as well. Users can check their Wi-Fi and mobile data bytes transmitted on a daily and monthly total basis. The transmission includes both sent and received bytes. This feature is included in some custom user interfaces such as MIUI, and it is useful for those users who are on a limited data cap.

The app was released two days ago, and the developer mentions it’s in a early state of development. He is planning to add plenty more features, and he mentions that his to-do list is long. Users are invited to send their suggestions and ideas as well as report bugs for the app in the forum thread.

Net Speed Indicator can be downloaded from the Play Store below.

Internet Speed: Speed test
Developer: Paget96
Price: Free

XDA Forum Thread for Net Speed Indicator

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