Get Network Statistics with Net Speed Indicator

Get Network Statistics with Net Speed Indicator

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XDA Recognised Developer Paget96 has developed an app that helps you monitor your network speed in real-time. Monitor your current upload and download speeds right from your status bar. This is an important feature that many Android phones just skip over. You should know your phone’s data usage, as some apps can upload or download massive amounts of data in the background. This app helps you monitor all these activities easily.

Besides seeing your network traffic in real-time, you can monitor previous days to see how your usage changes over time. Net Speed Indicator creates different categories for data stats, Wi-Fi stats, and Wired stats. All of this data can be viewed by the day, or by the month.

Net Speed Indicator with status bar monitor

Keep an eye on specific apps with the app usage page. This will display all of your apps and how much data they are using. You’ll be able to see your Wi-Fi usage separate from your mobile data usage. Customize the app to your liking in the settings menu, where you can change your theme and the way the app behaves.

It’s a fantastic network monitoring app from developer Paget96 and it is free to download and the Google Play store.

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