Netflix adds multiple Samsung Galaxy and TCL phones to its list of HD and HDR capable devices

In order to stream videos in HD resolution from popular streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, your smartphone needs to have Widewine L1 certification. However, despite Widewine L1 certification, some devices aren’t able to stream HD content on Netflix because the platform also has to manually whitelist devices to enable HD playback support. Over the last few months, Netflix has whitelisted several Samsung devices for HD and HDR10 support. Most recently, the company added the ASUS ZenFone 6, the ASUS ROG Phone II, and TCL 10 series to its HD/HDR supported list. Now, the company has added several more Samsung and TCL devices to the list.

New HD compatible devices:

New HDR10 compatible devices:

In case you have any of the devices mentioned above, you’ll now be able to play videos in HD or HDR10 on Netflix. If you don’t find your device in this list, check out the full list of supported devices by following the source linked below to see if your device has been whitelisted by the platform.

Source: Netflix Help Center

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