Netflix for Android adds a screen lock button to prevent unwanted touches

Netflix for Android adds a screen lock button to prevent unwanted touches

If you’ve ever watched a TV show or movie from Netflix on your Android device, then you know how frustrating it can be to accidentally interrupt the video by tapping on one of the on-screen buttons. To prevent this from happening, Netflix recently introduced a new “Screen Lock” button in the Android app (via 9to5Google). This feature will be useful for parents with small children who love to tap on the display, but it can also be useful if you find yourself accidentally interrupting video streams from time to time.

The new “Screen Lock” button is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the on-screen UI. Tapping this button will hide all on-screen buttons, including the play/pause buttons, skip 10 seconds forward/backward buttons, Google Cast button, timeline scrubber, brightness slider, and more. The only button that will be shown when the screen is locked is a lock button that the user can tap twice to unhide all the on-screen buttons. The user can still interact with the status bar/notifications and exit the app via the standard navigation buttons and/or full-screen gestures, though.


In the screenshot below to the left, you can see the “Screen Lock” button, and in the screenshot below to the right, you can see what the UI looks like when the button is tapped. The lock icon disappears after a few seconds like the standard on-screen buttons, of course.

The “Screen Lock” button has already appeared on the Android client on my devices. According to 9to5Google, this feature rolled out as part of a server-side update to the Android app and has not yet arrived on the iOS app. If you haven’t yet updated to the latest version of the Netflix app, you can grab the latest version from the Google Play Store page linked below.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free

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