Netflix Brings HDR & Dolby Vision Support to Mobile, Only Supports the LG G6 Right Now

Netflix Brings HDR & Dolby Vision Support to Mobile, Only Supports the LG G6 Right Now

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HDR has been available on TVs and even some desktop monitors for a while now, and it helps to enhance the quality of the video you’re watching. Google itself added support for HDR video content on YouTube late last year, but even today it’s only available on a limited number of videos. We’re starting to see smartphones starting to ship with support for HDR content, but the amount of content made available on mobile isn’t the same that’s available on TVs and desktop PCs.

Most people watching HDR content today are doing so with Blu-ray discs, and this content is most likely being displayed on a TV. So while the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 support HDR, content that actually supports the technology and is distributed to these devices is rather scarce. But Netflix is changing this with their latest update to their mobile application. Sadly, rooted and unlocked Netflix subscribers are currently having trouble even using the service on a smartphone or tablet, but the update is being rolled out.

So Netflix announced that their big 5.0 update to their application adds support for HDR content on a mobile device. Currently, the only smartphone right now that supports HDR content on Netflix is the LG G6. Many have speculated that HDR content is not supported on the Galaxy S8/S8+ because of the Dolby Vision/HDR10 differences, but Netflix says this isn’t the case.

Galaxy S8 will see the HDR label on supported shows within the Netflix application, but it won’t render the colors properly when you play it right now. To watch the content in HDR, you’ll need to be subscribed to Netflix’s top-tier 4K streaming plan as well. Shows that actually support the new feature are limited, but subscribers can do a simple search for ‘hdr’ to get a list of what you can watch.

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