Shocker: Netflix subscribers aren’t actually interested in the company’s mobile games

Shocker: Netflix subscribers aren’t actually interested in the company’s mobile games

Our digital world has been increasingly becoming subscription-based. One-time purchases are slowly fading away — as they make way for recurring fees, which give customers access to certain catalogs of content. Netflix is a subscription service that goes back to DVD rental days. Since then, the company has evolved and attempted to adapt to the changing times. It now offers an expanding catalog of series and movies, including original titles it has produced. At some point, Netflix decided to broaden its entertainment offerings through games.

Netflix games are premium mobile titles that include no in-app purchases or ads. Those subscribed to the streaming service get to access them at no additional cost. Currently there are 24 of them, and the company reportedly plans on reaching 50 titles by the end of this year. Though, interestingly, under 1% of Netflix subscribers actively play these games.


According to Apptopia, an average of 1.7 million users play Netflix games daily. Right now, the company has around 221 million subscribers. Despite the disinterest of its users in these games, the company still plans on further expanding its catalog and investing in this department. Netflix Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters states:

We’re going to be experimental and try a bunch of things. But I would say the eyes that we have on the long-term prize really center more around our ability to create properties that are connected to the universes, the characters, the stories that we’re building.

Considering that TV streaming services are on the rise, it makes sense for Netflix to include a unique offering. With the competition against rivals becoming more intense, it has to find new ways to stay relevant. Meanwhile, the company has also been cracking down on password sharing in certain regions. It’s still unclear whether this attempt to gain new paid subscribers will work or backfire.

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Source: CNBC

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