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Netgear Wi-Fi routers and extenders are up to $150 off before Cyber Monday

Netgear Wi-Fi routers and extenders are up to $150 off before Cyber Monday

If your home internet is in need of an upgrade, the latest deals on Netgear products may be the right time to buy some new gear. Amazon is running a big sale on Netgear routers, range extenders, and more ahead of Cyber Monday, and many of these deals are quite good.

We’ve rounded up the more interesting deals so you can buy something for yourself, and they’re organized into categories below so they’re easier to find.

Early Cyber Monday deals on Netgear Wi-Fi routers

If you’re unhappy with the performance of your Wi-Fi connection, whether it’s because of low speeds or frequent drops in the connection, a new Wi-Fi router may solve that problem for you. Netgear has quite a few in different price ranges so here’s what you can get. The Nighthawk brand is where Netgear puts its most cutting-edge products, but even the cheaper models available may be worth getting.


    Featuring 8 antennas with a tri-band setup and Wi-Fi 6 support, this is one of the most advanced Wi-Fi routers out there.

    This router features three antennas and dual-band networking with coverage up to 1,800 square feet and 30 devices.

    Featuring two antennas and dual-band networking, this router covers up to 1,200 square feet and can connect up to 20 devices.

There are a few other Wi-Fi router deals if you want to look at some other options:

Early Cyber Monday deals on Netgear range extenders

If your internet is generally fast enough but it can’t quite reach every corner of your house, a range extender might be more up your alley. The best deal you can find right now is on Netgear’s EX6120 model, which offers dual-band wireless connections and can cover up to 1,500 square feet and 25 devices. his model usually goes for $60, but you can get it for just $38 right now.

    This Netgear Wi-Fi range extender can provide coverage for up to 25 devices and cover areas up to 1,200 square feet. It also has speeds up to 1,200 MB/s.

If you want to look at other options, check out other Netgreat Wi-Fi range extenders below:

Mesh network extenders:

Netgear Powerline Kit

One interesting product that’s also on sale is Netgear’s Powerline Kit. This is a pair of devices that extends the reach of your wired internet using the electrical wiring already in your house. The way it works is that you connect your router or modem to one of these devices and plug it into an outlet, then you plug in the other device at a different outlet anywhere in your home. You can then use another Ethernet cable to connect your devices, or another Wi-Fi router to share that connection over Wi-Fi. Usually, this kit costs $110, but you can get it for $75 at Amazon right now.

Early Cyber Monday deals on Netgear cable modems

Finally, if you want to set up your internet connection with a different modem than the one provided by your ISP, there are some sales on Netgear DOCSIS modems, too. A couple of them have a Wi-Fi router built-in, while others require you to get a separate Wi-Fi router. However, these modems are only compatible with specific ISPs, so make sure you’re buying something that will work for your internet connection.

Looking for other tech this season? Check out our Cyber Monday PC deals hub to find all kinds of deals on different ways to upgrade your gear. If you’re more into mobile tech, we also have a smartphone-focused Cyber Monday deals page you can take a look at.

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