neutriNote Lets You Take Quick Notes in Markdown

neutriNote Lets You Take Quick Notes in Markdown

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If you’ve never heard of Markdown before, it’s a simple way to write in plain text while still being able to generate a well formatted HTML document. Markdown’s goal is to be easy to read and write regardless of the tools you’re using, while still allowing you to convert your documents to other formats — it’s what yours truly uses to write these portal articles, for example. (If you’ve ever used reddit, text submissions and comments there use Markdown as well.)


neutriNote by XDA Senior Member bsaelim leverages Markdown’s power on Android, letting you write, manage, export and print notes in a quick manner. The syntax is easy to learn if you’ve never used it before, and lets you do anything from writing quick text notes with simple formatting to creating tables and inserting math formulas. The latter is done thanks to the built-in LaTeX support, something you wouldn’t normally find in most Markdown flavors. One button press then allows you to switch between the plain text view and the rendered Markdown preview.

neutriNote Markdown (Dark theme) neutriNote Markdown (Light theme) neutriNote Markdown Preview
The use of a local repository — a directory on your device’s storage — for notes makes it possible to use any synchronization app to have your notes available on all your devices. If you want to support the developer, you can also buy an optional, paid add-on which provides Dropbox sync support specifically for neutriNote. You could even use a web app with cloud support (e.g. StackEdit) on your desktop and neutriNote as a companion app for editing notes on the go.

A powerful search function and custom metadata let you search your notes not only by text, but also using custom tags as filters. Location aware notes also let you check notes you’ve taken from a specific location (it’s worth noting that this feature can be disabled if you want).

neutriNote Main View neutriNote Markdown Drawing neutriNote Widget
You’ll also find some more advanced features, such as inserting links to other notes, a built-in calculator for solving equations, a drawing utility and more. Most advanced features are covered in the user guide, so make sure to give that a read if you want more out of the app. To get started, visit the neutriNote forum thread straight away to grab the latest version and try it out!

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