Never Forget a Password Again with RememBear Password Manager

Never Forget a Password Again with RememBear Password Manager

Our brains were designed for memorizing faces and food sources, not caching lengthy strings of numbers and letters. Hence, the most secure passwords are usually the hardest to remember. RememBear Password Manager helps you avoid the password reset button by storing all your login details securely. All you have to do is remember one master password. Right now, you can get a two-year subscription for just $39.99 via the XDA Developers Depot.

Whenever you create a new online account, RememBear offers to store your login details. Next time you visit that site, the app can autofill the login form on your behalf.

To keep your things secure, RememBear asks for your master password. This acts as a key to all your other passwords; as a result, you only ever need to remember one password. The rest are kept in a digital vault, protected by AES-256 encryption. Along with passwords, RememBear can save your credit card details for faster online payments. You can also use the app to store sensitive notes.

RememBear is available to download on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, with automatic syncing between platforms.

Order now for $39.99 to get two years of service (worth $60) or upgrade to three years via the deal page for even bigger savings.


RememBear Password Manager Subscriptions – $39.99

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