Never Forget to Return Calls Again with MissedCallReminder

Never Forget to Return Calls Again with MissedCallReminder

XDA member mb286 has made a little application for people who tend to forget about returning someone else’s call. This app can be configured to remind the user by either vibration, making sounds, or waking up the device altogether that there are received calls and/or SMS that he/she has not acted upon.

The app itself is a bit old, but it was recently updated to include some fixes that were needed. The app is compatible with most versions of WM and it seems to work for most resolutions as well. However, the app is still in beta and the dev would pretty much appreciate any input.

The program currently offers the following:

  • missed notification for missed call/ sms / mms and e-mail
  • No reminder when call is in progress
  • Option to set sound per reminder type (the sounds will,if needed, be generated all at once for the moment, this could be changed in the future)
  • option to “minimize to taskbar” or “minimize and hide”
  • Lock screen on phone call connect (I am using this myself and decided to keep it in. it locks the screen using the windows lock when a phonecall is connected. it unlocks the screen when a phonecall is finished. Default this is off, and you do not have to use it if you do not want to.)
  • Option to set vibrate time in seconds
  • LED vibrate number can be chosen from 0 till 20
  • Option to not wakeup the device

You can find more information in the application thread.

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