Google to Release a New Android L Preview Very Soon

Google to Release a New Android L Preview Very Soon

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Google has sent some clear signals that a new developer preview of Android L might be right around the corner. There has been some recent activity in the issue tracker that might indicate that this new release will be available for download very soon. After analyzing the tracker, we can say that Google’s focused on fixing things rather than adding new functions like the highly requested custom Quick Settings seen in custom ROMs.

The number of issues is still overwhelming, since the tracker has over one thousand entries with bug reports and feature requests. Among many fixes (they are still ongoing) we can see some refinements in the networking, sensor, and visual departments. The most noticeable is probably tethering in which simply didn’t work in the two publicly available developer preview builds–no matter if using WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB cable. Thanks to the community, Google has identified the issue and made it history. Other connectivity issues like these with WiFi or Bluetooth have also been fixed.

The final version of Android L is expected to be released in a few weeks. Hopefully by then, the developers will manage to fix all the major bugs before the final revision goes public. Releasing a developer preview is a nice way to identify and squash potential problems before offering a final version of the system. It’s nice to see Google avoiding a situation like what we saw in the higher profile KitKat bugs.

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