New Android-Powered BlackBerry Venice Renders

New Android-Powered BlackBerry Venice Renders

We have previously reported on the upcoming BlackBerry Venice, which is supposedly being announced later this year as the first Blackberry device to come with Android. Today new renders have emerged, showing an 18 MP camera, a material design BlackBerry Hub and Chromecast support. BlackBerry 10 never supported Chromecast, and as such, the Venice could be a nice addition to the OEMs lineup.


The device has been rumoured to be coming to AT&T and T-Mobile by @evleaks who leaked the original renders. A sliding keyboard was also hinted at — however, there has been no sight of one so far as the renders we’ve seen do not feature one.

You can find the renders below. Keep in mind that, as is the case with all leaks, these renders might not be representative of the final product.

BlackBerry Venice Camera

It would appear that the back of the phone will feature a similar back style to the BlackBerry Z30 and an 18MP camera.

BlackBerry Hub Android


The new BlackBerry hub in all its material glory; this was first shown at the Mobile World Congress back in March.

BlackBerry Venice Chromecast


What do you think so far? Could BlackBerry be about to make a comeback? Leave a comment below!

Via: CrackBerry

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