New MagSafe Charger appears in FCC filings ahead of iPhone 13 launch

New MagSafe Charger appears in FCC filings ahead of iPhone 13 launch

A new FCC filing from Apple has revealed a new version of the MagSafe Charger, hinting at a possibility of new MagSafe accessories joining the rumored iPhone 13 launch later this month.

First spotted by Dave Zatz (via 9to5Mac), FCC approved a new Apple magnetic charger with the model number A2548 on September 06, 2021. For reference, the current MagSafe Charger, which was unveiled alongside the iPhone 12, has model number A2140. Based on the updated model number, it can be deduced that the new magnetic charger approved by FCC could be a revised MagSafe Charger.

The FCC filing doesn’t reveal if the new charger offers any notable improvements over the existing model, such as faster charging or reverse wireless charging support.


FCC tested the new MagSafe charger with eight iPhone models, four of which are identified as iPhone 12 models. Meanwhile, the remaining four are described as “New Phone” and are very likely the iPhone 13 models.

The testing for the new charger was conducted by UL Verification Services using Apple’s 20W and 30W adapters in mid-August, and the final report was submitted to FCC on August 21.

A rumor dating back to July suggested that the iPhone 13 could use much larger wireless charging coil, increasing the surface area used for the wireless charging and allowing the phone to better manage heat build-up.

Whether the new MagSafe Charger will debut alongside the upcoming iPhone 13 series and offer any meaningful upgrade over the current magnetic charger remains to be seen. In any case, with the iPhone 13 launch event reportedly right around the corner, we won’t have to wait too long to find that out.

Featured image: iPhone 12 Max with a MagSafe Charger attached 

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