New FRG33 ROM Leak for N1 Rooted

New FRG33 ROM Leak for N1 Rooted

News of a leaked ROM for the Google Nexus One was posted tonight on XDA by member Football.

With the code name FRG33 there has been speculation that the ‘G’ might signify an early version of Gingerbread, but XDA members who have flashed the new ROM have subsequently confirmed that this is an updated FroYo ROM.

It has also been confirmed that the Radio is 5.08 – the same Radio that was in the previously leaked Korean ROM.  It appears that FRG33 provides some bug fixes, new base FroYo code and some members have reported that the ROM runs faster – noticeable with WiFi.

Other members have stated that the one-click-root method/app does not appear to work with this ROM.  No fear though, as XDA Senior Member (and Modaco’s) paulobrien has already downloaded and rooted the ROM!

The dev has posted a link to Modaco in the discussion thread here where you can find a rooted version of FRG33 with the radio update, an unrooted (stock) version with the radio update and an unrooted version (stock) without the radio update.

To find out more and flash the ROM yourself, head on over to the discussion thread.

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