New Gear S2 Update Announced, Includes Some Gear S3 Features

New Gear S2 Update Announced, Includes Some Gear S3 Features

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Samsung built up a lot of hype for their new Gear S3 smartwatches this year, and the company officially released them a couple of weeks ago. Like the Gear S2, these new smartwatch run the wearable version of Tizen, and they’ve started to amass a decent following with its unique bezel controls for a smartwatch. Samsung has said the Gear S3 will not be replacing the Gear S2 wearables either, and that we can expect both of them to sell side by side since they all offer something different for the customer.

The Gear S3 smartwatches run a version of Tizen which is newer than on the S2, but this is changing soon. Samsung has just announced a new update that is starting to roll out to “major markets” today, with a worldwide rollout scheduled to happen “in the coming weeks”. The big news about the new Gear S2 update though, is that it will bring some of the features that were introduced in the Gear S3. It can’t bring all of them due to hardware limitations, but compared to its current state, it is a respectable update for Gear S2 customers.

The new update allows Gear S2 owners to customize their device through the Gear S3’s preloaded watch faces, which can be downloaded via the Galaxy Apps store. Gear S2 customers also get enhanced bezel controls with the new update that give owners the ability to accept or reject calls, and dismiss alarms, timers and alerts for scheduled events. The messaging application of the Gear S2 also gets some new features with the new Handwriting Mode for text as well as emojis.

With the latest update, S Voice now works in real time, S Health will recognize more activities (like running, walking, cycling, elliptical- and rowing-machine sessions), and will automatically detect and count other activities like squats, lunges, crunches and star jumps. Lastly, we see this update adding in wider widget support, some streamlined safety features, and more games than ever thanks to the Galaxy Apps store.

Source: Samsung Newsroom