The new Google Assistant is now available for G Suite users on the Pixel 4

The new Google Assistant is now available for G Suite users on the Pixel 4

Update (3/11/20 @ 3:45 PM ET): Google announced that G Suite customers can now use the new Google Assistant on the Pixel 4.

The original Google Assistant was a Google Pixel-exclusive for many months from its launch in October 2016, until Google rolled it out for hundreds of millions of Android phones in 2017. Similarly, the new Google Assistant, which launched in October 2019 alongside the Google Pixel 4, remains a Pixel 4-only exclusive. It comes with new features such as continued conversations, making it feel far more like a human being. It’s integrated with the Chrome browser and can do many on-device tasks, including in third-party apps. It comes with a new minimal user interface and a trimmed size, but its availability is heavily limited as only Pixel 4 users are able to use it. What’s more, even that was limited as not all Pixel 4 users could use it. Those who used G Suite accounts didn’t have the new Assistant, as it was available only for personal Google accounts. Now, Google seems to be rolling out the Assistant for some G Suite users on the Pixel 4.


New Assistant UI.

The new Google Assistant has removed a few restrictions already. It no longer requires U.S. English, works with the Japanese language, and doesn’t require enabled gesture navigation now. The incompatibility with G Suite accounts still remains on paper as Google’s support page states that the new Assistant won’t work for users having a G Suite account for work or school. However, multiple users in the Android and Google Pixel communities have started reporting seeing the new Assistant even though they have one or more G Suite accounts on their devices. Not all users have got it yet as it seems to be another customary staged roll-out. Users that have got the new Assistant will be able to identify it thanks to its different user interface.

Google is expected to officially announce this soon. The more major piece of news would be when the company decides to expand the Assistant to more Android devices. It wouldn’t be surprising to see such an announcement at I/O 2020.

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Update: Widely Rolling Out

After the new Google Assistant started to show up on the Pixel 4 for G Suite users last month, Google has now made it official. A post in the Google Assistant Support forums states: “The new Google Assistant is available for G Suite users starting today!” This is still limited to the Pixel 4, however.

Source: Google | Via: Android Police

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