New Hangouts for Google Chrome Brings Chatheads, Refreshed UI

New Hangouts for Google Chrome Brings Chatheads, Refreshed UI

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Hangouts is an application that needs no introduction. Google’s instant messenger and texting app is perhaps the most popular way to communicate on Android. Just a few hours ago, the desktop client of Hangouts received a major overhaul that changed practically everything we have seen in the app thus far.

The new version of Hangouts introduces a concept similar to chat heads on Facebook for Android. Conversations with certain people or groups can be moved freely on the screen. This looks incredibly neat as you can see in the video below:

The application is now launched from Google’s Chrome app launcher. This is another change, as until now, Hangouts was always docked in the notification area of your operating system of choice. Google is obviously trying to match the style of Android’s Hangouts, and as such you can find contacts and chats tabs. Only the dialer tab is missing, but you can call your friends by searching their names and pressing the phone icon.

You can test new Hangouts by adding its application to Windows or launch it directly from the Web Store on Linux distros. If you are an OS X user, you aren’t in luck just yet, as the application seems to have some weird issues and simply doesn’t work as expected. You can check the newest version of Google Hangouts by visiting the Google Hangouts Chrome Web Store Page.