New listings point to new Hybrid HR watches from Fossil Group

New listings point to new Hybrid HR watches from Fossil Group

Several listings have appeared on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) website that shows off four new smartwatches. The listings pertain to products from the Fossil Group, which indicates that four new smartwatches are set to arrive from the company. There was speculation that two of the watches could be the Skagen Falster Gen 7 and the Fossil Gen 7, but that looks to not be the case.

According to the Bluetooth SIG listing, the models shown are the DW14S1, DW14F1, DW15F1, and DW15S1. When cross-referencing these models on the FCC website, the listings give us a glimpse of the FCC regulatory information screen that will be found on each device. Taking a closer look, there are indicators for a home and back button, which are typically not found on Wear OS devices. The images in question resemble what you would find on Fossil’s Hybrid HR line of smartwatches, according to 9to5Google, t.


Unfortunately, complete confirmation of these facts can’t occur until later this month, when photos of these models will be posted on the FCC website. Regardless, there looks to be enough evidence in the Bluetooth SIG and FCC listing to figure out what exactly is coming down Fossil Group’s pipeline. The listings found on the Bluetooth SIG website make no mention of Wear OS, and instead, point to less powerful devices, making it more likely that they might be Fossil Hybrid HR watches.

While successors to the Skagen Falster Gen 6 and Fossil Gen 6 aren’t mentioned in the listings above, it wouldn’t be strange to see follow-ups to these devices arriving sometime this year. It will be interesting to see just how far Fossil can move the needle for Wear OS. While there are dozens of brands utilizing the operating system, not many have been able to take advantage of the platform. Samsung is one exception and has been one of the more successful companies with the release of its Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatches. Of course, Google will also toss its hat into the ring, with the release of its  Pixel Watch.

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Via: NotebookCheck9to5Google

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