New PolaDroid Icons Now Available

New PolaDroid Icons Now Available

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Just when you thought that you had seen it all when it comes to icons and theming, a fresh new concept like this simply pops out of nowhere. XDA member bk718 has released the first 15 icons of his PolaDroid collection. As you may have guessed from the screenshot and if the name was not a dead give away, the icons are made after the old Polaroid style pictures (you know, the ones with the white border). The interesting thing about these icons is also the fact that the images are not drawings, but rather real pictures of stuff that represent the items you are dealing with. For instance, there is a picture of a thunderstorm for the weather one, a picture of a SLR camera for the “Camera” app and more.

These icons are innovative and fresh, so be sure to install them and leave some feedback for the dev.

I wasn’t intending on making a thread for these, but i got quite a few PM’s about them, so instead of replying to everyone, one by one, i decided to post it here…

What is PolaDroid??? Polaroid widgets that are arbitrarily designed to overlap one another.

I use Desktop Visualizer (large) to set up the widgets. I also recommend using Launcher Pro Plus to re-size and place them.

You can find more information in the icon’s thread.

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