New Report Reveals Possible Galaxy S8 Display, Camera, & Release Date Details

New Report Reveals Possible Galaxy S8 Display, Camera, & Release Date Details

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We’ve seen a number of Galaxy S8 rumors circulating throughout the Android community, from developing a new personal assistant, to moving the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device, and aiming for IP68 water and dust resistance. The device is said to come with the largest 5.7″ display, and we’ve heard that Samsung will be heavily leveraging their new personal assistant feature in multiple ways with the Galaxy S8.

Now, we have a report from The Guardian who backs up some of these claims and refutes some of the other rumors we have heard about.

Many have worried about whether or not Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone will ditch the 3.5mm headphone port like other OEMs have done already. Sources close to The Guardian are backing up previously leaked renders that say the 3.5mm headphone port is still there on the Galaxy S8. We’ve known that Samsung is investing heavily into edge-to-edge displays and this new report describes the panel on the Galaxy S8 as an “infinity display.”

The new rumor claims the camera will be similar to last year’s with only an incremental increase in performance. They’re under the belief that 64GB will be the smallest storage size option and that Samsung is keeping the microSD card slot as well. The Galaxy S8 should have a USB Type-C port and they’re carrying over the iris scanner that was debuted with the Galaxy Note 7. The Guardian is backing up the rumors about the fingerprint scanner being on the back of the Galaxy S8, but doesn’t mention anything about the physical buttons transitioning to software ones.

Their sources are telling them the Galaxy S8 will be released in two different size variants, with both of them being in the range of 5 to 6 inches. This clashes with the rumors we’ve heard that the bigger one could be as large as 6.2″. They’re even being told that the phone will be available on April 21st, but it’s unclear if that is the worldwide launch date, or specific to a certain region.

Source: The Guardian