[Update: Galaxy BudsX] New Samsung Galaxy Buds leak with no stem and a kidney-shaped design

[Update: Galaxy BudsX] New Samsung Galaxy Buds leak with no stem and a kidney-shaped design

Update (4/28/20 @ 3:50 PM ET): The leaked bean-shaped Galaxy Buds may be the Samsung Galaxy BudsX.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds from last year were easily among some of the best truly wireless earbuds on the market. So when leaks about a Samsung Galaxy Buds+ first surfaced online earlier this year, we had high hopes about the next-gen TWS earbuds from the company. Sadly though, the Galaxy Buds+ were just a minor upgrade over the previous generation and featured the same design with minimal improvements. The lack of active noise cancellation and water resistance was especially disappointing since it’s main competitor, the Apple AirPods Pro, included these features. Thankfully, just a few days ago, Samsung launched a new pair of TWS earbuds — the AKG N400 — which included these features. Now, leaked renders of the next-gen Galaxy Buds have surfaced online and they reveal a smaller, significantly different design.


As per a recent report from WinFuture, the upcoming Galaxy Buds go by the code name “Beans” and feature a more streamlined design that resembles kidney beans. Unlike the previous iterations, the compact design of the upcoming earbuds will sit more flush in the user’s ears and won’t protrude out as much. The earbuds will measure in at just 2.8cm, making them a bit more comfortable and easier to use, especially for people will small ears. However, the new design might have some adverse effects on sound isolation as the earbuds don’t have any silicone components to ensure a proper seal.

Sources familiar with the product have also revealed that the upcoming Galaxy Buds, which go by the model number SM-R180, will feature two small speaker units each, with one providing the high notes and the other focusing on the lower end. To provide a fuller sound, the earbuds seem to have an opening on the outside, similar to what you would find on a subwoofer. Additionally, the earbuds will feature several built-in microphones to help users answer calls and interact with their assistant of choice, but we can’t be sure if the earbuds will feature active noise cancellation capabilities. As of now, we don’t have any further information about the earbuds’ specifications, but we expect to learn more in the months leading up to their launch. It’s worth noting that the upcoming Galaxy Buds are still in their early stages of development and Samsung might make some significant changes to the earbuds before they’re released or shelve the products altogether.

Source: WinFuture

Update 1: Galaxy BudsX

The next-generation Galaxy Buds leaked earlier this month with a kidney bean-like shape and design. According to recent filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the UK Intellectual Property Office, and India’s Intellectual Property India (IPI), these truly wireless earbuds may be called the “Galaxy BudsX.” No other new information was discovered since the initial WinFuture report.

Sources: EU IPO, UK IPO, IPI | Via: Galaxy Club

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