New Sense SDK in win32 – Look ‘n Feel 1.0

New Sense SDK in win32 – Look ‘n Feel 1.0

You may be familiar with XDA member eboelzner and his famous Sense SDK. Recognizing that there are some downfalls by using .NET, XDA member petititi made his own version of the kit. The SDK inlcudes a few tricks for improved speed and fluidness. Moreover it has everything that is needed to start developing apps as soon as it is downloaded.

This SDK is designed for speed: .NET applications are usually very slow to load and not fluid. I use some tricks to improve speed, like drawing only area having changes, scrolling without backbuffer or creating textures for text (GDI text drawing was slower…).
What’s in the box:

  • PNG resources for 480 pixels width screen (VGA/WVGA). They can be easily modified.
  • Full Finger Control.
  • Source files (.cpp and .h) of library.
  • Source files of example.

You can find more information in the development thread.

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