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XDA has a long legacy of being the premiere software development community for smartphone devices. Established in 1999, XDA first became a resource for the modification of software on HTC devices that run the Windows Mobile operating system. As the industry evolved, so did XDA, and it now covers Android as well as non-HTC devices. The core of XDA is the developers. These members of the community develop high quality pieces of software and share them for free with the community.

Today, XDA is one of the highest trafficked sites on the internet with almost 3 million unique visitors and over 2 million registered forum users. At any given time, over 7000 simultaneous users can be found on the site. These users are developing software, working together to customize smartphone devices, and sharing late-breaking news and information about the mobile device industry. The site is regularly sourced on major technology publications such as Gizmodo, Engadget, and more.

How to use this site

New members are welcome, though we just ask that your review the forum rules and abide by them. Given that XDA is so large, it’s necessary that everyone follows the rules.

To find device-specific software and discussion, do this:

If you have suggestions for any part of XDA, post them in the user request forum, which we read every day.

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