New Touch Keyboard – Blind Type

New Touch Keyboard – Blind Type

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As we all know, the stock Android keyboard leaves a lot to be desired – it’s functional, but could be a lot better.  Some of you may have used Swype, which has had good feedback amongst the XDA forum members.

Well, it looks like another revolutionary touch keyboard is about to surface for Android users!  XDA forum members have been excitedly discussing BlindType, a touch screen keyboard that looks like it has an amazing prediction algorithm based off a users key presses as points in a path.

BlindType also appears to scale and rotate until it finds the best match of your key presses to the ‘virtual’ keyboard layout.  This means that you can type at any scale and angle.

Touch typing the way it should be.  Accuracy not required.

With BlindType, users can type on the touch screen the way they are used to, but without the traditional need to constantly focus on the keyboard.Although this would typically lead to countless spelling mistakes that would be impossible to autocorrect, BlindType predicts what the user intended to write with a success rate not previously seen on any other system.

To join the discussion and check out the video of the impressive recognition algorithm, take a look at the discussion thread.

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