“Custom Quick Settings” Update Adds App Shortcuts & Improved Lollipop Support

“Custom Quick Settings” Update Adds App Shortcuts & Improved Lollipop Support

With Android Lollipop, Google introduced Quick Setting tiles to allow you to quickly (and easily) toggle certain features on your device. Starting with the release of Android 7.0 Nougat, Google introduced the Quick Settings Tiles API to allow users to add their own tiles to the Quick Settings panel.

One such application that takes advantage of this API is called “Custom Quick Settings.” Custom Quick Settings is a powerful application that lets you create and add many of custom tiles. Using the app, you can have Quick Settings tiles to directly launch applications, show the weather, launch a website, show some widgets and more. Furthermore, each tile can have their own custom icon and you can even use Tasker or shell commands to create even more advanced tiles.


It’s been a while since the application saw its last update. But it appears it was well worth the wait as the most recent update to the app has brought quite a few exciting features.

With the new update, the app now no longer requires root access on devices running Android 5.x  — however, for some features, you may need to run some ADB commands from a PC. Other notable features include the ability to create app shortcut tiles, improved support for app widgets, new live toggles, and the ability to add/re-arrange/delete tiles on Android 5.x. The new update also adds support for Android O’s adaptive icon feature.

The update is now rolling out in the Google Play Store, but given that it’s a staged roll-out, it might take some time before it goes live for everyone.

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