New Version of RA Recovery for HTC EVO 4G

New Version of RA Recovery for HTC EVO 4G

For all of you flash-a-holics on this site, the coming of Android couldn’t have been a better gift for all of you. The reason being is that you not only get to flash roms and radios, but you also get to flash an extra couple of things such as kernels and recovery images. That way, there is always something bound to be flashed onto your favorite device at all times. In this case, XDA member Amon_RA brings you a fix for your addiction by giving you a new version of his¬†immensely popular RA Recovery, which has been taken to version 2.3. As always, Amon_RA releases the new versions based on all the feedback from users, which means that if your concern was a general one, you are likely to see your beta testing reports come to a happy ending. This new version comes with a few important updates such as the signature verification being turned off by default, which means that the device will no longer check to see if the zip that you are trying to flash is signed or not. Also, he added the ability to avoid manually telling the device to not back up the cache during a nandroid process.

So, if you have an EVO, please flash this new recovery and let the dev know if you find any bugs with it by posting some feedback in the thread.


  • Nandroid will skip sd-ext backup when it’s not present.
  • Nandroid will not check the battery percentage anymore.
  • Switched off signature check by default (Stop asking now, ok?).
  • Cache is not selected as part of a default Nandroid backup anymore.
  • Added wipe Boot, System and sdcard to the wipe menu.
  • Re-ordered some items in the wipe menu.
  • Switched to a CM android-msm-2.6.35-unified kernel (should stop the endless dots).

You can find more information in the recovery thread.

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