New Website for Google Assistant Shows Off All Available Actions and Services

New Website for Google Assistant Shows Off All Available Actions and Services

Just what the Google Assistant can and can’t do isn’t necessarily clear to folks who haven’t used it before — and even to folks who have. It’s great for basic tasks like checking the weather and setting alarms, of course, but did you know that it had a magic 8 ball minigame, and that you can ask it what position you should play in Quidditch?

To make Google Assistant skills easier to find, the search giant on Tuesday launched a new website with every action, service, and integration available. They’re organized by categories such as “Games and fun”, “Music and audio”, and “Arts and lifestyle”, and the homepage shows a list of new and trending Assistant apps — each with users ratings, instructions on how to use it, and the list of devices that support it. There are hundreds of applications to choose from, and Google’s directory of them makes it easy to search through and find ones you might find useful.

Google’s also updated the directory on phones. Soon, you’ll see new icons that let you share links to Assistant apps.

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Finally, Google announced new incentives for developers who create apps for the Google Assistant. These include up to $200 of Google Cloud Credit a month, Google Assistant T-shirt, and even a Google Home.

A new app directory wasn’t the only Google Assistant news this week. On Monday, Google said that it’d bring the Assistant to Android Auto, and that it’d launch on new Android Things-powered smart displays from LG, Sony, and Lenovo.

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