New Windows 11 Photos app is now rolling out, and you can download it

New Windows 11 Photos app is now rolling out, and you can download it

The new Windows 11 Photos app is now available, as some users on Reddit have begun receiving the update. Last week, Microsoft’s Panos Panay teased the new app, saying it’d be coming to Insiders soon.  As expected, this update enables a few new features, but it also brings UI changes across the board.

Overall, the new Photos app definitely feels very familiar to the Windows 10 version. Opening the app, you’ll see your most recent images along with a few shortcuts at the top to curated collections. The top bar menu has all the same sections as before, but the overall design is slightly tweaked. Of course, you also see rounded corners everywhere, but that’s about it for changes in this view.


The changes are a bit more significant once you open an image, however. As teased in the video we saw before, you now get a carousel at the bottom of the image viewer, which you can use to select more images at once. This lets you view them all next to each other and add them to your favorites or delete them. When viewing a single image, you’ll see a floating toolbar at the top, with shortcuts to rotate or edit an image, draw on it, delete it, and view information about the image.

Clicking the ellipsis icons reveals a few more changes, like icons for each of the options available. Most of the options here aren’t new, though they’ve been consolidated under this menu whereas they used to be in different places. However, there is something that’s new: at the bottom of the menu, the app says you can expand its capabilities with extensions.

It’s not clear what those extensions could look like, but it would be interesting to see Adobe make certain Photoshop features available in the Photos app, for example. It could also be that Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Clipchamp could lead to a better video editor being added to the Photos app. Though, it would arguably be better if it became its own app instead.

Toolbar in Windows 11 Photos app

The new Windows 11 Photos app seems to be rolling out gradually, and it’s not available on our machines in the Dev and Beta channels. However, you can download the new Photos app here, courtesy of Deskmodder. Hopefully, it will be available to everyone by the time Windows 11 launches on October 5.

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