Newegg has a new PC assembly service for custom builds

Newegg has a new PC assembly service for custom builds

Newegg has launched a new PC assembly service for custom PC enthusiasts, the retailer announced today. The new service is meant for those who build a PC using the company’s PC builder website.

Building your own PC can definitely be a bit tricky, especially for first-timers. You need to make sure all the components you’re choosing are compatible, for one thing. Then there’s also the assembly process itself once you’ve picked out all the parts. It can be easy to break something if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

There are a few websites that help you pick out compatible parts, and some companies also sell pre-built PCs, such as the case of Origin. These let you customize a few options, but it’s not completely free-range. With Newegg’s new service, you can choose any component you want (as long as it’s compatible), and mix and match it at will. And now, you can have that custom PC assembled for you and shipped pre-built, too. Of course, the Newegg PC assembly service comes at an extra cost of $99.99.


Newegg PC builder

A big advantage Newegg is touting over other build-to-order sellers is that it has millions of parts available at all times. After all, Newegg sells all these components individually, too, so it has a large network of manufacturing and supply partners. That should make it easier to find any parts you want, and you also don’t have to wait as long for the PC to be built.

For now, Newegg is launching the PC assembly service in a limited beta stage to gather feedback and insight from its customers. It’s a fairly basic PC builder right now, so you can choose the parts you want and build it. In the future, the company says it’s going to add more customization options and “perks”, such as engravings. However, it didn’t say a lot more about what those perks are.

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