NewPipe 0.22.0 brings YouTube-like rewind and fast-forward behavior

NewPipe 0.22.0 brings YouTube-like rewind and fast-forward behavior

NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client that lets you play YouTube videos on your smartphone without the YouTube app. It can be helpful for users who either don’t like the YouTube app on Android or don’t have Google Play Sevices installed, which is a requirement for the YouTube app. In regions where Google services aren’t present or on phones from brands like Huawei that don’t come with them pre-installed, NewPipe can be a good YouTube app alternative. It also regularly receives updates, and the most recent update to NewPipe 0.22.0 introduces a couple of new features, including YouTube-like rewind and fast-forward buttons and searchable settings.


The addition of YouTube-like rewind and fast-forward behavior brings the app further in line with the official YouTube app. Double tapping on the right side of a video already fast forwards, but now each additional tap will skip another ten seconds — previously, you had to keep double-tapping. The “single tap window” lasts until the animation finishes, after which you have to double-tap to initiate another one.

newpipe seeking 0.22.0

Another change introduced is the ability to search in NewPipe’s settings. It’s not your standard search either; the developers have introduced a fuzzy search algorithm so your typo searches should still show the correct results. There’s also a new pin icon to show pinned comments.

newpipe 0.22.0 pinned

You can download the latest version of NewPipe from its GitHub page. A shorter changelog of NewPipe 0.22.0 is below so that you get a better idea of all the new features and fixes, though you can check out the official NewPipe changelog for more details.

  • New
    • Open FSFE-tube instances in-app
    • Pin icon beside pinned comments
    • YouTube-like rewind and fast-forward behavior
    • Searchable settings
  • Improved
    • Silent system notifications for errors
    • Better error handling when there’s no SAF-compatible file manager
    • Stopped screen readers from repeatedly saying there is a video preview thumbnail
    • NewPipe no longer crashes after buffering for too long
  • Fixed
    • Switching from one player to another no longer starts playback from beginning
    • Local search results are ordered by creation date instead of alphabetical order
    • When a video link was opened with a timestamp URL parameter that had more than 3 digits, NewPipe ignored the 4th and higher digits. This is now fixed.
    • Player respects display cutouts (like notches) when playing in multi-window mode, whereas previously, black bars were shown.
    • Sometimes, the keyboard would stop working when using the search field after the video page was closed. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed crash when sharing a still-loading playlist.

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