NewPipe 0.23.1 rolls out with playback improvements and several bug fixes

NewPipe 0.23.1 rolls out with playback improvements and several bug fixes

The developers behind the NewPipe open-source YouTube client have released a new update for the app. The latest release (v0.23.1) brings playback improvements thanks to DASH support, along with several bug fixes. In a blog post regarding the update, the team reveals that the DASH support should result in the app feeling a whole lot faster. Following the update, videos should load faster, and you should see a noticeable performance improvement while seeking through videos.

Along with DASH support, NewPipe 0.23.1 fixes repeated buffering while playing YouTube videos, lets users view recently ended YouTube livestreams, and introduces support for more  resolutions and formats. Check out the section below for a list of all the significant changes in the latest release.


NewPipe 0.23.1 changes and bug fixes

  • Now DASH is used as the preferred means for YouTube playback instead of progressive HTTP, improving loading times in playback and seeking. This has made the app faster by an order of magnitude! No more waiting after tapping on a YouTube video!
  • According to some users, repeated buffering while playing YouTube videos also seems to have become an issue of the past.
  • Recently ended YouTube livestreams are now fully playable, right from the beginning.
  • In YouTube, some more resolutions and formats are now available for playing.
  • Fixed seeking on PeerTube videos with only HLS streams (that is, most PeerTube videos). Now PeerTube is finally usable!
  • Fixed crash on PeerTube videos with an audio-only stream.
  • Fixed playback of SoundCloud HLS-only tracks.

The blog post further adds that the team won’t release a new build of NewPipeExtracter along with the latest update, even though most of the changes mentioned above were made to the NewPipeExtractor. Furthermore, it notes that following the update users should be able to convert a remote playlist into a local NewPipe playlist. The release also brings a few more improvements and bug fixes, and you can learn all about them by clicking on the source link below.

NewPipe is one of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives out there. If you haven’t checked it out already, you can download it from the project’s GitHub page.

Source: NewPipe

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