Latest NewPipe update brings YouTube Chapter support, UI improvements and more

Latest NewPipe update brings YouTube Chapter support, UI improvements and more

NewPipe, a popular, open-source YouTube client, has just been updated to v0.20.10, bringing several new features, UI improvements, and bug fixes. For those not in the loop, NewPipe serves as an alternative for users who either dislike the official YouTube app or do not have Google Play Services installed on their device. In a nutshell, NewPipe parses the YouTube website to extract data and play videos, but without restrictions or ads.

One of the main highlights of NewPipe’s new update is support for YouTube Chapters, a feature that Google unveiled in May last year. Chapters let users quickly jump to specific sections of a given video without having to fiddle with the seek bar. With this latest update, NewPipe now also supports this new feature, and the user can click on the Chapter button in the video player to open up the list of Chapters selected by the content creator.


NewPipe Chapters

Another notable change is the addition of two new buttons to the button row that allows users to open a video in the browser or share it with other apps. You can also add a third “Play with Kodi” button to stream a video directly to Kodi. There’s also a new tab layout at the bottom now, which lets you easily jump between Comments, Related Videos, and the Video Description.

NewPipe bottom layout

Finally, the update also adds a new search engine called Sepia Search for PeerTube. Sepia Search can be accessed by clicking on the three-dot menu located on the right side of the search bar, and it makes it easier to discover videos published on PeerTube, a free and decentralized video-sharing platform.

Those already using the NewPipe app on their Android device should receive an update prompt telling them to download the latest version. In case you haven’t received the prompt yet or are a new user, you can download the latest version from the Team NewPipe’s GitHub page here.

Here’s the full changelog for NewPipe o.20.10:

  • New 
    • [YouTube] Added support for chapters in player controls
    • Added a secondary control panel and tabs to video detail fragment
    • [PeerTube] Added sepia search
  • Improved
    • Disable restoring brightness if brightness gesture is disabled
    • Update displayed licenses
    • Disable sending metrics to Google when using Android System WebView
    • Toggle play/pause with hardware space button in the fullscreen player
    • Add list item to play video on Kodi.
    • VideoDetailFragment: Don’t exit fullscreen on rotation in tablet UI
    • Updated invidious instances list
    • Reduce API requests for NewPipe update checks
  • Fixed
    • Fixed URLs with timestamps not being played
    • Fixed null pointer exception in play button method
    • Dynamically get package name, fixing issues with multiple NewPipes installed.
    • Fixed wrong speed indicator in queue activity
    • Fixed crash when no default browser is set and improve share dialogs (on some devices)

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