NewPipe v0.19.4 brings stream fixes, Restricted Mode setting, and more to the open-source YouTube client

NewPipe v0.19.4 brings stream fixes, Restricted Mode setting, and more to the open-source YouTube client

NewPipe, the open-source YouTube client for Android, is a great alternative to the YouTube app for those of you who don’t have Google Play Services on your phone or don’t want to see ads on the platform without paying for YouTube Premium. The client doesn’t use YouTube’s APIs and simple parses the YouTube website to extract data and play any videos you want, without any restrictions or ads. Due to the way NewPipe works, it also circumvents any limitations that Google might add to the YouTube app. For instance, YouTube recently restricted the quality of videos to 480p for Android users in India, following the nationwide lockdown imposed in the country in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. But users could easily overcome this restriction with NewPipe, making it an amazing alternative to the YouTube app.


Along with the ability to overcome such restrictions, NewPipe also gets frequent updates that bring new features to the app. Early last month, the client received a major update that introduced Android TV support and a YouTube Music parser to the app. And now, the developers behind NewPipe have started rolling out another feature-packed update that brings stream fixes, a new Restricted Mode setting, and SoundCloud comments to the app.

The latest NewPipe update, version 0.19.4, is available for download on GitHub and it includes the following changes:

  • Added support for SoundCloud comments and PeerTube playlist support to help users discover new music on the client.
  • Added new Restricted Mode setting for YouTube to prevent users from seeing some restricted content in the client.
  • Introduces support for YouTube learning playlists, making it easier for users to learn new subjects on the platform.
  • Improvements for gesture controls, so that they don’t interfere with the status bar or navigation bar.
  • Fixed a streaming issue where trying to open a video resulted in a “Could not get any stream” error.

Along with the aforementioned changes, the latest NewPipe update also includes several minor improvements and bug fixes. For a complete list of everything’s that new in NewPipe 0.19.4, click on the source link below. To install the update, follow the GitHub link below and download the latest APK. In case you already have NewPipe installed on your device, you should receive an update notification that you can use to download the latest release.

Download NewPipe (v0.19.4) from GitHub

Source: NewPipe blog

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