The next generation of CarPlay likely shows the future Apple Car experience

The next generation of CarPlay likely shows the future Apple Car experience

Apple has previewed the upcoming version of CarPlay included in iOS 16. The new CarPlay user interface includes a more futuristic design that includes richer data regarding your ride. Additionally, you can now control car toggles without leaving the CarPlay view. This allows users to better adjust their car settings without leaving the immersive UI of CarPlay.

CarPlay is currently available on 98% of cars in the US. The updated version of it introduces an experience that is similar to that on the iPhone. As a result, iOS users will find the view in their cars more familiar. That’s not to mention that the updated version supports larger car screens. This allows users to utilize the full screen real estate through relevant information, toggles, and more.


This new experience — which is deeply tied to cars’ hardware — likely reflects what the Apple Car experience could be. Rumors indicate that we likely won’t be seeing this Apple vehicle anytime soon. However, it’s safe to assume that the company is already envisioning the user-facing interface. It could be testing the experience through CarPlay before it deploys it in its own car.

The new CarPlay experience also supports themes, allowing users to choose between different layouts, colors, and much more. It also communicates with the paired iPhone in a private and secure way to display relevant data during the drive. These include the moving speed and the temperature.

The first manufacturers to support this new experience will be Audi, Honda, Infinity, Ford, and more. Vehicles that support this new CarPlay experience will be announced late next year.

This updated version of CarPlay further enriches the company’s car view. It allows users to both customize it and view more relevant information. This makes it the center in a car and spares users needing to hop between CarPlay and native car interfaces.

Does your vehicle support CarPlay? If so, do you use this feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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