Next Note Device Likely to Bear “Note 7” Moniker, Specs Leaked

Next Note Device Likely to Bear “Note 7” Moniker, Specs Leaked

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If you are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to sweep you off your feet and give you your reason to upgrade, you might me waiting indefinitely. Because as current leaks and rumors go, the Note 6 is likely to never be released.

Okay, we are being a bit overtly dramatic here. The “Note 6” is what will not be released, as the next Galaxy Note device will most likely skip over to the “Note 7” moniker. Everything else about the device itself, including its launch period, remain the same — it’s just the name that is different.

It was earlier reported that the next Note will feature Dual Edges like the S6 Edge does. It was also noted that the term being used by various sources for the device at that moment was Note 6/7, referring to the uncertainty of the name. Now, Evan Blass has “confirmed” (more like leaked) that the device will be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

More information follows, as the initial specs of the device have also been leaked by Evan. First up, the Note 7 will likely come with an iris scanner, though there is no more information on how exactly would this work out. The other leaked specs mention a 5.7″ QHD Super AMOLED Display, 64GB of internal storage with expandability options via microSD card slot, a 12MP “Dual Pixel” rear camera with a 5MP front camera. The last bit of info is that the Note 7 will be rated for IP68 for Ingress Protection, just like the Galaxy S7. This is a big deal because the Note lineup also features the removable S-Pen, so it is to be seen how exactly Samsung has worked this around for protection. Our guess is that the pen needs to be inserted and fit correctly for the claim, but again, it is just a guess at this stage. The Note 7 will come in black, silver and blue color variants.

Just to reiterate, these are still considered as leaks and not official information. Things could change for the future, but Evan Blass has a good track record.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Do you mind the number jump on the device? How do you feel about the initial specs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!