Next Pixel Flagship may Feature a non-Qualcomm Chipset, Possible Budget Model in the Works

Next Pixel Flagship may Feature a non-Qualcomm Chipset, Possible Budget Model in the Works

Rumor season is already upon us, and today we bring you a report from 9to5Google that mentions some interesting tidbits regarding the next generation Google Pixel phones. According to a source, Google is currently in the process of testing their next Pixel flagship devices with upgraded specifications.

As with any yearly upgrade, we would expect to see newer, more powerful components in our devices. 9to5Google mentions continued focus on the camera quality of the device as well as the possibility of introducing waterproofing, but what’s most interesting about this report is the rumor that Google has built multiple test devices with different chipset configurations and may possibly launch a budget model.

Besides the earlier Nexus phones (and Nexus tablets), Google has mostly implemented Qualcomm chipsets into their devices. That may change with the second generation Pixel devices, as 9to5Google is reporting has built test models running chipsets manufactured by companies other than Qualcomm. The source states that Intel chips are currently being tested, but it is unclear which Intel chip is being used. Furthermore, the source states that MediaTek chips were once under consideration, but those deals have since fallen by the wayside.

Interestingly, the report also states that Google has been testing its own custom chipset internally (as was previously reported), but it is not currently known if this chip is being used in one of the second generation Pixel test devices. Of course, given the fact that these rumors are so far off time-wise from the expected release date, it is possible that none of these rumors come to fruition. Google could, for instance, opt to use the Snapdragon 835 as we would expect. It would be interesting to see if Google shies away from using Qualcomm chipsets, but we won’t hold our breaths on the matter.

But if there is any rumor we do hope to see come true, it’s the part of this report that suggests Google may launch a more budget-friendly model of the Google Pixel. According to Mr. Hall’s source, Google is testing a “Pixel 2B” prototype which features less powerful specifications, which would subsequently allow it to be sold at a lower price point. This model would be “significantly cheaper” than its flagship counterpart, and would be “aimed at different markets” according to the source. Comparatively, the next Pixel flagship is expected to cost at least $50 higher than the current Pixel XL, so we hope that Google does offer a cheaper model so more people can try out the Google experience.

These rumored specifications and price points are, as always, subject to change. As we get closer to the launch of the next Pixel devices, we are more likely to see credible rumors about what Google has in store for us. But for now, these early rumors paint an interesting picture of what Google may already be cooking up.

Source: 9to5Google

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