Nextbit Robin’s Cloud Storage Servers Will Shut Down on March 1, 2018

Nextbit Robin’s Cloud Storage Servers Will Shut Down on March 1, 2018

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It’s not easy for new companies to enter the smartphone market — the competition’s fierce, and it takes really unique features to stand out from the crowd. When startup company Nextbit announced the Kickstarter-backed Nextbit Robin, one of its standout features was Smart Storage, which dynamically expanded the phone’s local storage by syncing photos, applications, and other content to the cloud. Nextbit’s servers made it all possible, but they won’t for much longer — Nextbit announced this week that they’re shutting down on March 1, 2018.

In an email to Nextbit Robin owners this week, the company said that on March 1, users who are still logged into the Smart Storage service will be automatically logged out, and that all personal information and data will be purged from the servers. Images (the thumbnails in Nextbit Robin’s gallery app) and applications that aren’t stored locally won’t be accessible through phones anymore, including apps in the FAB tab.

Nextbit’s created a download tool that lets current Robin owners retrieve any data stored on its cloud servers, which will be available until April 1, 2018. And Razer, Nextbit’s parent company, says it’ll continue to offer hardware support for Nextbit Robin customers for the next sixth months and software updates for 12 months.

Nextbit turned a lot of heads with the talent it had on board, the Nextbit Robin’s hardware, and the close work it did with the developer community. The smartphone maker attracted the attention of Razer, which acquired Nextbit in January 2017 and put the team to work on the Razer Phone. Soon after, Nextbit stopped selling the Robin through its official channels and shut down its social media accounts.

It seems it was only a matter of time before Smart Storage bit the dust, too.