Nextlit is an App That Uses the Nextbit Robin’s LEDs for Notifications

Nextlit is an App That Uses the Nextbit Robin’s LEDs for Notifications

The Nextbit Robin, a crowdfunded project from hardware startup Nextbit, is a community-driven phone that was competitive in its price bracket. Nextbit was acquired by Razer last year and development on Robin came to a close in January, but that didn’t stop the developer community at XDA from doing what it does best. Folks in the Nextbit Robin forums requested an application that’d make turn the LEDs on the back of the Robin into notification lights, and XDA Member Prospero.X-3 was able to whip up something that accomplishes just that: Nextlit.

It’s a work in progress, but it lets you preview the five patterns programmed into the Robin’s LP5523 LED and select one that’ll activate when a notification comes in. You’ll have to give Nextlit notification access and manually re-enable the service between reboots, and if you’re running a custom ROM that supports battery pulse, you’ll have to turn it off if you want to see the LEDs while charging. You’ll also need root access. But as long as you meet those prerequisites and you’re running a Marshmallow or Nougat-based ROM, Nextlit will work perfectly.
Nextlit Nextbit Robin

Download the Nextlit app from our Nextbit Robin forum

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