Nexus 5x Battery


Since the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X are the first phones to come with Android Marshmallow installed, this is the first look we will get at the new battery saving technology built in to Android 6.0. More battery life means that you can spend more time watching your “special” videos in your bedroom. Wink.

The Nexus 5X has had a few upgrades added since the 2013 model Nexus 5. One of the upgrade that we will be looking at is the upgrade from the 2300 mAh battery to a 2700 mAh battery.

Battery Life

Some early adopters of the Nexus 5X have started a thread at the XDA forums to talk about what kind of battery life they’re getting. It’s a good place to talk to people, chat, and share your favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

Link to Thread

The general consensus is that the battery is not great. Users are finding that the new battery save features in Marshmallow aren’t making any sort of difference except for Doze, which keeps standby battery drain to a minimum. Say that five times fast.

The people over at PhoneArena put together this chart, comparing the battery life to other popular smartphones. If you check out their website, they’ll go into a little more detail about the circumstances under which they perform their battery tests.


While the phone seems to fail at battery life, it does really well with charge time. It takes only 100 minutes to charge the phone to 100%, and 20 minutes of charge will get you to 50%. The Nexus 5X has Fastcharge 2.0 which is what enables the phone to charge so quickly.

Android Doze

So Android Doze is supposed to be the feature that makes all the difference. What this feature does is optimize your system and apps so they don’t consume too much battery life. Doze will be able to detect when your phone is not in use. So when you set your phone down to take a dump in the bathroom sink, the sensors will read the lack of motion and start putting apps to sleep.

So what exactly happens when Doze is activated?

  • Network access is limited to only allow priority notifications
  • Wake locks are ignored
  • Alarms are ignored, unless you have set them yourself
  • Wifi does not scan for new networks


So while this feature doesn’t seem to provide the revolutionary battery life that Google was pitching us, maybe it will work better on other phones. We will see, as Marshmallow begins to appear on other device. Cya later, alligator.