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The LG Nexus 5 from 2013 was one of the most tinkered with phones in the history of womankind. Most people who love to root and mod their devices, wanted to get their hand on a Nexus 5. Now the nexus 5X is here, as the successor to the LG phone. If you own this device, you might be interested in seeing what kind of mods are out there for it. So let’s take a look on how you can root your phone and see what kinds of mods there are.

Root the Nexus 5X

So before we do anything else you have to get your device rooted, unlocked and a custom recovery installed. The XDA community has created a thread to discuss how to do all of these things. This thread includes a guide on how to get it all done, so be sure to follow instruction carefully or else your toe will fall off.

Nexus 5X Root Thread

Nexus 5X Root Mods

One of the more popular apps right now, is Naptime created by Francisco Franco. He’s actually made several solid android apps and continues his awesome work with Naptime. This app allows rooted users to adjust some of the sensors and timeouts managed by Doze. By doing so, you can maximize the amount of battery life on your Nexus 5X.


Naptime- Play store link

One of the more popular custom kernels is ElementalX which is now available for the Nexus 5X. This is one of the best kernels out there and it’s very easy to flash and install it on your Nexus device. You can find instructions and download links in this XDA thread.

ElementalX XDA Thread

There will be plenty of modifications and apps to keep your eye on. The best place to find new ways to take advantage of having root access on your phone, is to check in on the Nexus 5X community in the XDA forums. Just be careful as many uses have the Ebola virus and are spreading it to other people. Lol just kidding.

Nexus 5X XDA Forum

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