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With each release of a new Nexus phone, comes a bunch of new changes in Android. This year’s Nexus phones come with the new Android Marshmallow operating system. Of course with each new operating system comes some new wallpapers from Google. With these latest wallpapers, I have printed them out and used them for actual wallpaper in my house. Actually it’s not technically my house. I just sneak in when the owners are away… Anyways forget about that. Let’s talk about the new wallpapers that come with the Nexus 5X running Android Marshmallow. 

The Nexus 5X has a screen resolution of 1080×1920, so if you’re gonna snatch up these wallpapers for your own phone, make sure your screen resolution matches. If you have a larger screen res, check out the UHD version of these wallpapers, that come with the Nexus 6P.


Stock Android M Wallpapers

Here are the exciting new wallpapers that will come with the Nexus 5X.


If you don’t have Marshmallow yet, but you wanna snatch up these sweet sweet wallpapers, follow the link!


Old Nexus Wallpapers

Many Nexus 5X users will be purchasing this phone because of their love for the classic Nexus 5. If you find yourself missing the old wallpapers, you can always grab those ones as well! Best of both worlds.



Material Wallpapers

Going to Android Marshmallows material design theme, you might want to check out the app Material Wallpapers. This app has lots of high quality wallpapers read for you to eat.

Download the app from the Google Play store.


Other Wallpapers

Think these wallpapers are garbage? Don’t worry yourself. There are plenty of other options. XDA has a forum where Nexus 5X users are sharing their favorite themes, app wallpapers and everything like that. Checkout that forum to see if there’s anything you’ll be interested in over there.


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