Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X get AOSP Android Pie ports

Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X get AOSP Android Pie ports

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As lots of devices get Android Pie ports on our forums, the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 5X are the next up to receive them. Both of these devices are pretty old and have had their official support cut-off. The Nexus 6 finished at Android Nougat, while the Nexus 5X finished off at Android Oreo. Android Pie has only been out for two weeks now, yet so many of the community’s most popular devices have already gotten working ports. The list is growing every day, thanks to the work of some of the talented developers on our forums.

First up is Nexus PieX by XDA Senior Member argraur for the Nexus 5X. The only things that are actually fully broken are SafetyNet and VoLTE, quite the accomplishment for a newly released custom ROM. Even Google Apps and the camera work, some features which other developers have run into issues with. On the Nexus 6 port by XDA Recognised Developer Myself5 and the rest of the CarbonROM team, there’s much of the same. Everything works, bar the mobile network sometimes after a reboot. That’s easily fixed as well, as you simply need to enter a dialer code and enable the mobile network for it to work. It’s certainly not a dealbreaker as it doesn’t appear to happen every time after a reboot either. The only thing is that encryption is entirely broken. Don’t even try it.

If you’re interested in giving both a try, you can download the ROMs for your devices below. Be sure to report any problems to the developer with a full logcat and any other information that can help solve the problem. Developing ROMs is hard work, and the key to fixing bugs is the taking of proper logs! Neither of these ROMs will be perfect and it’s very likely things may break for no reason, so be aware that using them as a daily driver may not be the best idea just yet.

Android Pie for the Nexus 6 custom ROM Android Pie for the Nexus 5X custom ROM