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Have you ever been in a situation where someone is in great danger and you think to yourself “Man I wish I could help…” Well you may not have the energy to help, but you can easily capture the moment with the awesome Nexus 6P Camera and upload it to YouTube. Cash money lol. The new Nexus phones both have the same 12 megapixel sensor that utilizes the larger 1.55μm Pixel Size. If you’re curious about what kind of photos this phone can produce, we will take a look at that and see how it does. Don’t be afraid, read on.


You will be able to film in 4K and 1080p when you’re using the back facing camera. The front facing camera will go to a maximum of 1080p the and video looks great with a nice wide angle view so that you can include big Aunt Jen in your family shots.



Camera Features

This being a Nexus device, you’re going to have the stock camera app which doesn’t have a whole lot of features. It’s the bare necessities, needed for snapping photos.

The one feature that this phone has that the Nexus 5X does not, is the Bust mode. This will take bunch of shots when you hold down the capture button. The software will automatically choose your best photos from the bunch. I wish a feature like this worked for my memories, so I could keep the good ones, and trash the rest. I’ve had a really bad life.


High Speed Video

This is one of the best high speed cameras in a smartphone. You can film up to 240fps to create some awesome slow motion videos. Sometimes we need life to go a little slower lol. Before you know it, everything changes and all of your friends have left you. I really don’t want to talk about that though, so let’s take a look at some sample photos.

Sample Photos





A great camera and a solid phone! If you want to see more pictures taken with the Nexus 6P camera, the XDA community is sharing their photos in this thread. Check it out!


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