Nexus 6P Cases


When you’re spending $499 on a premium Nexus device, you know you’re going to get something special. We must cherish and protect these things as if they were our own child. After all, I cannot have human children. It is illegal. Since this phone is very new, cases are hard to find throughout the internet. Here are the cases that are currently available for you to purchase with your Schrute Bucks. 

Nexus 6P Folio

Made just for Nexus 6P, giving you quick, easy access to your buttons and ports. Simply open your Folio to wake your screen, or close it to put your phone to sleep, saving battery life.


Nexus 6P Adopted Folio $49.99

Your phone’s screen is important. Nobody cares if you ding the corner of the case, but if you crack the screen, your life is over. Protect it with this folio case from Adopted. It clips right onto the back of your phone, and has a flap that will fold over when you’re not using the phone.

Nexus 6P Case

The textured microfiber exterior keeps your phone secure in hand. Just in case, the strong frame and raised bezel help protect against bumps and falls.


Nexus 6P Adopted Case $34.99

Sometimes something basic is the way to go. Adopted has made this really nice case with a microfiber back. All the necessary port and holes are open, so you won’t run into any issues using Nexus Imprint.

ADOPTED Protective Case

Fits your phone and your pocket. Perfectly complements Nexus 6P without adding unwanted weight or bulk.


ADOPTED Protective Case $19.99


For anyone who doesn’t want to spend half their paycheck, the Adopted protective case is the perfect solution. It’s a decent lightweight case that will only cost your around $20.

Speck CandyShell Grip Case

The raised bezel protects the screen from impact and adds grip so your Nexus 6P can lie face down on tables or dashboards without sliding. Rubberized covers shield volume and power buttons while keeping them fully accessible.


Speck CandyShell Grip Case $39.99


To get something a little more durable, check out the Speck CandyShell case. It’s a hard plastic with rubber bits on the back to improve the grip.

So these are just some of the options that are available now, but there are sure to be many more. For now, you can get any of these from the Google online store, but keep you eye out because I’m sure many other options will start appearing on Amazon.