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Everyone loves to root their Android phone, right? Well things are about to get a little more exciting when you decide to root your Nexus 6P. Being one of the first devices to run Android Marshmallow, you might have a hard time finding a whole lot of root apps and mods for this device. In this article, we will take a look and how you can root your Nexus 6P and what kind of root apps are available right now.


Unlock Bootloader and Root

In this XDA thread, you’ll find all the information you need on how to unlock your bootloader and root your device. Keep in mind that when you root your Nexus 6P some features like Android Pay might not work properly. So do this at your own risk (not the board game. The real life scenario. I probably didn’t need to clarify that. I can’t think of any situation where anybody would have thought I was talking about the game.)

Nexus 6 Root Thread

Follow the instruction carefully! Once you’re all rooted and unlocked with your legs spread, it’s time to find some fun root apps!

Root apps for the Nexus 6P

One of Android Marshmallows unique features is the Doze feature. So let’s look at some apps that let let you take advantage of Doze and modify it to your needs.

Francisco Franco might sound like the name of a Pizza maker who teaches swim lesson on the weekend, but we actually know him as the guy behind the infamous Franco Kernel. He’s actually made several solid android apps and continues his awesome work with Naptime. This app allows rooted users to adjust some of the sensors and timeouts managed by Doze. By doing so, you can maximize the amount of battery life on your Nexus 6P.

Naptime- Play store link

This next app has the same idea. You modify the timeout times that your apps use to go to sleep. You can also save a profile once you’ve tuned everything to your specifications and reload it later. Doze Settings Editor can be downloaded as an APK file and side loaded onto your Nexus.

Doze Settings Editor- XDA Link

For those of you that have modified your nexus device in the past, you’re probably familiar with the ElementalX Kernel. This is a custom kernel that allows you to make all kinds of modifications to the way your phone operates. I highly recommend this kernel if you’re looking to overclock your device. Moar power.

ElementalX Kern

That’s about all there is for the Nexus 6P right now, but there will definitely be a lot of stuff coming out from the development community. Keep an eye on all the activity in the Nexus 6P XDA forum.

XDA 6P Forums

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