Nexus 6P Screenshots


The Nexus 6P sure is awesome. A 2K screen running android Marshmallow is some exciting stuff. If you are curious to see how everything looks, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you a screenshot of every screen on the system and every app, for a total of 1.4 million screenshots. Actually no, I’ll just post the new features that we all want to see that come with the Nexus 6P. Here, I will display screenshots taken on the Nexus 6P, so  you can get and idea of how everything in the new UI will look.

How to take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot is as easy as taking the life of a close friend. OMG just kidding, lighten up. Just hold down the Volume up and Power buttons until you hear the shutter sound.


Nexus Imprint

The new Nexus Imprint changes the game when it comes to fingerprint scanners. This is the first stock Android fingerprint system that we have seen so far. Here is what it looks like.


App Permissions

App permissions have had a massive overhaul. Now you have much more control over what information your apps with have access to. I like to live on the edge, and give everyone access to my bedroom security cameras.


Google Now on Tap

The new robust version of Google Now is here, with Google Now on Tap. It’s alright. Nothing to go crazy over because as of now it doesn’t do much, but in the future months and decades it will be much better.



Settings  looks very much like the old settings menu on the Lollipop system.

Nexus-5x-fingerprints (1)

So that’s it, guys! This is what you’ll get if you buy the new Nexus 6P phone. Give me a ring! 😉